About Us

Launching operations in 1999 with the IHS brand (aka “Istanbul Hosting Solutions”), IHS has positioned itself as a leading information and communication technology company in Turkey by developing value-added projects and providing infrastructure services.

Fields of Activity

Having gathered its services and products under companies with various expertise, IHS Group provides all types of information services through its own resources, with projects from A-to-Z, based on organizations’ needs.

Main fields of activity

  • Data Center and Cloud Computing Services
  • Hardware, Software and System Supply and Integration
  • R&D and Software Development
  • Information Technologies Outsourcing Services
  • Information Technologies Call Center Services

Data Center and Cloud Computing Services

As Turkey’s one and only system integrator with its own cloud infrastructure and providing 24/7 continuous live support, IHS provides distributed Hybrid IT solutions and enables inter-operable, redundant solutions that can run on client and IHS data centers.

IHS also provides alternate ODM and Unified Data Protection services from data centers located in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Dominating the Turkish cloud computing market with 200,000 active subscribers and hosting over 350,000 applications, IHS provides Domain Name Allocation, Virtual Server and Storage, Virtual Firewall, Virtual Load Balancer and SSL Certificate services.

Hardware, Software and System Supply and Integration

IHS’s certified engineers and field forces manage supply, configuration and integration processes of Data Security, Network, Server, Virtualization, Storage and Backup technologies, which serve as the backbone of organizations’ IT infrastructure. IHS provides clients with stable and scalable information solutions through its powerful partners, including Dell, Hitachi, EMC, IBM and VMware.

R&D and Software Development

Our ever-growing R&D team develops customized solutions for specific needs based on our software products designed for various fields, such as Financial Transaction Security, Process and Case Management, Data Center ERP and Digital Marketing.

Information Technologies Outsourcing Services

IHS engineers manage the IT infrastructure of organizations which cannot use or do not have sufficient IT resources due to their principles of governance through remote access and field visits, allowing our clients to hire any resource to meet their needs without investing in any hardware or personnel.

Information Technologies Call Center Services

Call center services include those provided for projects such as “Mobile Device Management”, which comprises thousands of employees, requiring internal rollout and support.

Along with the organization’s own IT help desk, expert engineers provide 24/7 call center and support services, facilitating staff’s rapid move towards the newly integrated IT technologies.

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