About Us

Since 1999, the IHS Group has positioned itself as leading information and communications technology (ICT) provider, developing smart software solutions and providing a comprehensive range of infrastructure services for organisations based throughout Europe.

We live in a connected world and businesses depend on their information and communications technology being secure, reliable, efficient, easily accessible and able to grow with business needs as emerging technologies join it.

We have become a trusted partner to organisations of all types and sizes within the commercial, industrial, healthcare and education sectors. Many of them turn to us for our in-depth knowledge of ICT and the integrated approach we offer.

Our dedicated team of qualified software and hardware developers and engineers has extensive knowledge and experience of the latest technologies. Not only do they supply cost-effective state-of-the-art technology but also back this up with proactive customer service and technical support.

  • Data center and cloud computing facilities
  • Hardware, software and system supply and integration
  • Software development
  • Information technology outsourcing
  • Call center IT services

Our main fields of activity
Data Center and Cloud Computing Services

IHS Group ensures that critical data and business applications remain available 24 hours a day. Through our data centers in Istanbul, London and New York , we dominate the the cloud computing market, with over 200,000 active subscribers and hosting more than 350,000 applications.

Hardware, software and system supply and integration

IHS’s knowledgeable, experienced and certified engineers manage the supply, configuration and integration of data security networks. They will identify areas of weakness within your current network and make recommendations as to where it can be improved to ensure that your IT and communications infrastructure remains secure, accessible, quick and efficient at all times, enabling your business to avoid any cost disruptions.

Software development

Utilising a wide range of technologies, our growing R&D team develops bespoke and customized software and robust and agile applications across many of the major platforms. These are tailored to your to your business needs and data flows, and help to improve processes, fuel growth and profitability. These include solutions designed for financial transaction security, process and case management, data center ERP, and digital marketing.

Information Technology outsourcing

As businesses grow and technology develops, many organisations don’t have the specialist IT resources necessary to maintain efficient and effective operations. IHS has its own team of experienced IT professionals available 24/7 to support your IT infrastructure either remotely or through field visits – ready to provide expert advice and assistance when and where needed to ensure that your operations continue to meet your needs.

Call center IT services

An IT call center needs to be operational at all times, so you need reliable technology and a flexible infrastructure that supports you every minute of the day and adapts with ease to the fluctuating demand. The IHS team has experience of multiple platforms, providing clients with access to the most advanced and affordable solutions – whether your in-house team needs support or you require a full review of your call center technology.

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