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SenderKing Email Marketing

SenderKing allows you to design and mass mail your campaign- and sales-related e-mails, helping you send your campaigns to millions of customers in a few hours. With SenderKing, you can instantly learn who reads the messages you send, and who clicked the links on your e-mail.

  • Drag-and-Drop Design Editor

    Drag-and-Drop Design Editor

    You can design your e-mail campaign in minutes without the need for any technical knowledge and be amazed by the quality of your design. Designs made with SenderKing design editor are compatible with all mobile devices and desktops, ensuring that all your customers can view your campaign messages properly. No more bumpy, spoiled campaign e-mails!

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting

    We know… You want it and you want it now. So do we. If you are impatient like us, the real-time reporting feature is for you. After sending campaign e-mails, you can monitor interactions every second. Who opened it? Who read it? Who clicked where? All the answers are on the Dashboard! Speaking of which, let’s talk about the Dashboard. Stunning with its stylish design, Dashboard is the main screen where you can view all the statistics and measure the success of your campaign at a glance.

  • Manage Your Customer List with Ease

    Manage Your Customer List with Ease

    The list wizard helps you load customer lists quickly. You can add new fields to your lists, combine different lists or split your lists however you wish. In brief, you can perform any known cluster operation on your lists.

  • Inbox Guarantee

    Inbox Guarantee

    With SenderKing, your campaigns will no longer fall into the Spam folders of e-mail providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. We give a 99.9% Inbox guarantee. How is this possible? It costs us big money to pay many organizations. SenderKing is a member of Return Path.

Ultimate Performance

We know… You have a lot of customers and it means sending millions of e-mails. Don’t worry. From now on, it won’t take days to send your campaign messages. With SenderKing, you can now deliver millions of messages in a few hours, and get reports in real-time.

Preview and Testing

We have thought of everything for you. You can perform whatever simulations you like before sending your campaign. You can test how your design looks on different screens, devices and resolutions, and send pilot messages to various e-mail addresses.

Need more help?

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