Arcserve UDP Backup

Arcserve UDP is a flexible and advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that meets all corporate needs.

About Arcserve UDP Architecture

From a single workstation backup to complicated infrastructure and cloud environments which serve in multiple regions on a single console, Arcserve UDP helps end users as a backup and disaster application with its next generation architecture.

Designed for distributed architectural structures, Arcserve UDP’s main components such as RSP, datastore, proxy, tape, cloud integration and manager (console) are not subject to any software licenses. Arcserve UDP’s capabilities including source side deduplication, global deduplication, WAN optimization, backup replication and virtual standby can interoperate with the above components without being subject to any additional license. With Arcserve UDP you can also manage multiple regions via a gateway component without the need for a VPN, and regardless of license.

11 main features that differentiate Arcserve UDP from the competition

1- Single console management support for image-based backup, and replication solution for physical and virtual servers and endpoints

2- Cross platform support for backup and replication actions (P2V / V2P / VMware to Hyper-v / Hyper-v to VMware )

3- Quick backup and more efficient use of backup disk space with source side deduplication and global deduplication support.

4- More efficient use of lines used for replications thanks to WAN optimization and multistream support.

5- File-, application- and image-based real-time replication and HA capabilities for physical and virtual servers unaffected by snapshot.

6- Ability to manage backup and restore operations of data related to mail, contacts, notes, calendars and tasks on Office 365.

7- Ability to backup active data on disk storage such as NAS devices on the same console

8- Complete integration with public and private cloud for source and destination sides

9- Ability to get the best value for your current LTO, VTL and Tape investments

10- Ability to identify the recovery points and to measure the recovery time with RPO and RTO SLA reporting support

11- End-to-end solution with physical Arcserve UDP Appliance, which is optimized for Arcserve’s award-winning software

Arcserve UDP 6.5 Image-Based Backup and Replication

• Physical Windows and Linux Server support
• Consistent backup support from virtual servers on the Virtualization Platforms (vmware, hyper-v, etc.)
• Workstation support for desktop and laptops (Windows Vista and Windows 10) • File-based backup support for sharing areas on NAS devices
• Ability to backup your e-mails and data stored on the cloud through the same console with Office 365 support
• Backup option with hardware snapshot on plans with/without agent (HP, NETAPP, NIMBLE)
• Quick backup with source side deduplication, without stressing your network
• More efficient use of disk space and longer storage for your backups with global deduplication
• Ability to use your line with maximum efficiency during replication thanks to WAN optimization technology
• Replikasyon yaparken wan optimizasyon teknolojisi ile hattınızı maksimum verimlilikte kullanma imkanı
• Enhanced cloud skills (Azure, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3)
• Software and appliance solution with backup and replication to manage over a single console

Arcserve UDP File- and Application-based Backup

• A broad hardware support for end users who want to do backups directly on LTO, VTL, Tape devices without disk
• Ability to backup physical Unix (aix, ux, solaris, free-bsd) and MAC platforms, whose system image cannot be saved, via agent support
• Advanced backup solution for NAS devices supporting NDMP protocol
• Capacity to do consistent backups for SAP HANA, SAP and Oracle RAC with agent support

Arcserve UDP Real Time Replication

• Physical, virtual platform support (Unix, Linux and Windows support)
• Cross platform replication options (physical to virtual, physical to physical, etc.)
• Real time replication with near-real RPO/RTO times
• File-, Block- and Volume-based synchronization technology
• File, application and image-based real time replication options
• Assured Recovery Test for actual replications
• Capacity to build rapid disaster scenarios from retrospective recovery points in the event of a problem with instant replications
• Ability to use your line at the highest efficiency thanks to WAN optimization


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