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Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce that risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

How It Works

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security leverages a lightweight endpoint app on employee devices, a cloud-based admin console that provides real time visibility into mobile risk, and integration with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

Lookout Security Cloud

2. Lookout Admin Alert

Lookout Admin Console

1. Untrusted Device Alert

Our solution is powered by the Lookout Security Cloud, which comprises over 100M mobile devices worldwide and over 40M apps. This unparalleled visibility into mobile apps, networks, and OS rmware allows us to implement machine learning to detect emerging threats with high delity.

3. API Integration     Alert passed to EMM

Lookout Endpoint App

4. Automated Remediation

EMM Console


Measurable reduction of risk
Close a large security gap and measure your risk reduction with Lookout’s analysis and reporting features
Seamless interoperability
Lookout integrates with all SIEM systems via our Mobile Risk API, including Splunk, ArcSight, and QRadar

Visibility into mobile incidents
Get real-time visibility into incidents on mobile devices, so you can respond quickly and effectively
Securely enable mobility
Embrace more exible mobility programs, including BYOD, to increase employee productivity and stay competitive
Privacy by design
Ensure your data sovereignty and employee privacy policies are upheld using our privacy controls features
Easy to deploy and maintain
We integrate with any MDM (such as Intune, AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360, and BES12) for simple deployment and management

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Delivers

Mobile Endpoint Security for Threats
As more sensitive data is accessed by mobile devices, they are increasingly becoming a target for attackers. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security identi es mobile threats targeting these primary attack vectors:

  • App-based threats: Malware, rootkits, and sideloaded apps
  • Network-based threats: Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Device-based threats: Jailbroken/rooted devices, outdated OS, risky device con gurations

Mobile Endpoint Security for App Risks
Some iOS and Android apps are not malicious, but they exhibit sensitive behaviors or contain vulnerabilities, contravening the security policy of an organization or even violate regulatory requirements around data loss. Lookout provides comprehensive visibility into these app risks within your mobile eet, enabling admins to both monitor and set actionable policies against apps at risk of violating internal or regulatory requirements.

No sensitive behaviors

Some sensitive behaviors

Malicious behaviors

The Lookout Difference

  • Lookout has amassed one of the world’s largest mobile security datasets due to our global scale and mobile focus. This has created a global sensor network of over 100M mobile sensors and 40M apps, with 90K new apps added daily.
  • This global sensor network enables our platform to be predictive by letting machine intelligence identify complex patterns that indicate risk. These patterns would otherwise escape human analysts.
  • Mobile is a new era of computing and requires a new era of security solution designed exclusively for this platform. Lookout has been securing mobility since 2007 and has expertise in this space.

Lookout empowers your organization to adopt secure mobility without compromising productivity by providing the visibility IT and security teams need. To learn how you can secure your mobile eet today, contact us

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