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AirWatch Mobile Device Management

Support each endpoint and user from a single admin console. Explore our solutions for mobility management.

  • Enrollment


    Mobile devices are incorporated into the AirWatch system via the AirWatch Agent or AirWatch Workspace (BYOD) application available in the app store. Users opt into the system by submitting three-part information after Active Directory (AD)/LDAP integration: Corporate email address, AD/LDAP username, and password. Optionally, devices can also be introduced to the system by the QR code emailed to users.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Mobile devices are displayed under Organizational Groups (OG) after being introduced to the AirWatch system. Groups may represent the departments in the organization, be hierarchically configured, or correspond to an active directory group through AD integration. Devices are displayed in the “username, device OS/version, and last 4 digits of the serial number” format. Inventory tracking is possible through the listing method or instant/daily/weekly reports.

  • Email Management

    Email Management

    An AirWatch SEG (Secure Email Gateway) server should be positioned before the corporate Exchange/Lotus servers. For mobile devices, the entire email traffic runs through this server, which allows for the following email security policies to be specified: Blocking devices unregistered in the AirWatch system, inability to receive emails on such devices, inability to receive emails in Jailbreak/root devices, inability to receive emails through non-default email applications, opening the attached files only via AirWatch SCL, opening email links through the AirWatch Browser.

  • Application Management

    Application Management

    Corporate applications are distributed to mobile devices through AirWatch and installed automatically. Each time a new version is launched, simply attach the new version of the application file through the admin console, which allows all mobile devices to start using the latest version without user communication. For store applications, you can close the app store on the mobile device and issue your own corporate store as you conduct compliance policies through black and white lists, and ensure the security of the corporate data.

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    You can download a document from the AirWatch admin panel and share it with the devices of your choice. (Office, music, image, video formats and Zip supported.) Documents encrypted in the AirWatch system can only be decrypted by the AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL) application for viewing. For files, you can activate certain features such as “no print”, “no email”, “download only on Wi-Fi”, etc. You can integrate AirWatch with the corporate file pool on Sharepoint, Network Share, Google Drive, Office 365, etc.

  • Secure Internet

    Secure Internet

    You can install the AirWatch-developed browser to mobile devices to ensure internet security. You can keep cookie registration under control, disable the copy/paste option, and define which addresses will be granted authorized access, ensuring internet access security regardless of the network the mobile device is on.

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  • Secure Access to Corporate Resources

    Web pages and documents kept in the organization’s intranet cannot be accessed from outside for security reasons. As mobile platforms become more widespread, a higher number of end users demand access to these sources through their mobile devices. (MAG) AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway servers allow for such access.

    It is possible to allow web pages (to be viewed on AirWatch Browser) and corporate documents (to be viewed on AirWatch SCL) to be shared only with devices registered in the AirWatch system through a security tunnel, without granting outside access to internal resources. Plus, it is possible to allow this corporate application to reach internal sources through this tunnel.

  • App Wrapping

    With the App Wrapping Profile, corporate applications are therefore taken under protection by AirWatch. With this protection capsule, you can define additional features such as passcode, restriction (copy/paste, camera, screenshot restrictions) and proxy. If MAG (Mobile Access Gateway) is selected on proxy, the application accesses internal resources through MAG, which prevents unmanaged devices from accessing internal resources even with an application.

  • Airwatch Workspace

    AirWatch Workspace is a solution for personal devices (BYOD). All corporate data (email, document, corporate application) is sent to the workspace for data backup. This separates personal and corporate spaces, which allows for Workspace to be managed instead of the personal device. Security policies (i.e. screen lock) are enforced for Workspace.

  • Secure Launcher

    This is an isolated screen profile that can be used on Windows Mobile and Android platforms. A virtual screen is overlaid on the device’s screen, and only the shortcuts of applications allowed by AirWatch admin can be displayed on it. The background can be customized by company logo.

    It is highly recommended for devices used on site. For example, tablets used by personnel making client visits or mobile personnel are restricted to selected applications by Secure Launcher. The user will see this special screen even after rebooting the device. The user cannot install new applications, un-enroll the device, or use the original screen. The user can adjust the settings in accordance with their identified authorization level.

  • Telecom Management

    AirWatch tracks data, audio and message usage of the devices registered in the system over the defined package. Auto-actions such as notifications to mobile device, email or Data Roaming restrictions for specified devices are implemented in the event that pre-defined limits are reached.

  • Basic Mobile Device Management

    Mobile devices on the AirWatch system are managed by profiles and compliance policies. A defined profile is used to send settings (WiFi, VPN, Exchange, Passcode, WebClip, IMAP/POP Mail, Certificate) and set restrictions for the mobile device. Access to the app store, basic default apps (YouTube, Game Center, etc.), camera usage, screenshot and Bluetooth features can be restricted depending on the platform.

    Compliance policies are defined to take action automatically upon detecting a security gap in the mobile device. A notification or email can be sent to the users when data usage exceeds 90% of the package, or when jailbreak/root or SIM card replacement are detected. The device can be de-registered, and all corporate data can be deleted.

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