Advanced Fraud Protection

Trusteer Financial Fraud Solutions help detect and prevent any kind of attack attempts that are responsible for most frauds occurring on online, mobile and cross-channels.

Fight Financial Fraud: Industry Standards

Hundreds of financial institutions and millions of customers rely on Trusteer’s proven multi-layer architecture to protect Internet and mobile banking channels from fraudsters. Thanks to Trusteer’s global penetration, expert human resources, unique technology and workflow, customers can get sustainable fraud protection and comply with the criteria required by local legislation.

What Makes Trusteer Different

Non-signature-based Crime Intelligence: Trusteer uses real time intelligence from millions of protected users to turn thousands of malware attacks into Crime Intelligence every day. This is a data type model where the methods and tactics of cybercrime are used to create a unique, compact and actionable object. Quickly adaptable to new threats: Trusteer’s Intelligence-Based Application Protection technology transforms zero day threats and attacks immediately into a type of Crime Intelligence.

New Crime Intelligence types are integrated into Trusteer products immediately, almost in real-time, allowing instant detection of attacks targeting users within the Trusteer ecosystem. Real-time application protection: Trusteer Smart Application Protection technology provides transparent security for zero day malware and phishing attacks to protect Internet browsers and other client applications. This unprecedented technology prevents malware from hacking into applications, while notifying Trusteer about any abnormality that may be a potential signal of a new attack.

Trusteer Cybercrime Prevention Architecture

Trusteer provides multi-layer protection technologies between online banking and user devices. Trusteer Pinpoint detects a trojan-infected customer attempting to sign into the Internet banking application in real-time, without the need for any client or application. Trusteer Rapport is a client that prevents Windows and Mac systems from being infected by financial trojans, or removes trojans from infected systems, and guards against man-in-the-browser, credit card theft and other types of data thefts.

Trusteer Mobile protects mobile devices from trojan attacks, keeps devices safe from SMS redirect attacks and other similar attacks, while providing secure online banking and offline, direct authentication services. The management and intelligence portal closely follows new Crime Intelligence and attacks, quickly reducing the fraud risk for the user. Rules and policies are also determined via this portal.

  • Pinpoint

    Trusteer Pinpoint: Detection of Fraud Attempts Without Client

    Detects Infected Devices
    Trusteer Pinpoint detects banking trojans on the computer of a user who signs into an Internet banking website in real-time. This technology determines the type of trojan, targeted banks and type of attack, such as authentication/password theft, automatic fraud transactions etc. in real-time without the need for the user to install software on their computer. Furthermore, this completely transparent process does not slow down the banking application.

    Detects Fraudster’s Computer
    Trusteer Pinpoint detects users who enter passwords and personal information stolen by trojans with the aim of capturing the account and committing fraudulent transactions.

    Generates Risk Score
    Trusteer Pinpoint generates a risk score for each Internet banking session, which can be utilized by different systems and processes to prevent fraud. The risk score can also be integrated into the Fraud Detection and Prevention System or Rule Engines configured by the bank.

    Detects Phishing Attacks in Real-Time
    Trusteer Pinpoint Phishing Detection detects phishing cases in real-time by determining if account information is captured by phishing, spear-phishing or smishing methods, and notifies the related financial organization about the threat.

    Quick and Easy Integration
    Trusteer Pinpoint integrates into banks’ Internet banking applications within a few days, thus quickly incorporating into the bank fraud prevention process. Trusteer Pinpoint’s ad hoc Crime Intelligence Database is continuously updated by Trusteer for effective protection.

    Compatible Protection with Trusteer Pinpoint
    Real-time detection of Crime Intelligence indicators
    Analysis of Crime Intelligence and development of counterattacks
    Wiping out banking viruses with Trusteer Rapport
    Preventing fraudulent transactions

  • Rapport

    Keeping PC and Mac Users Safe with Trusteer Rapport

    Protection Against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
    Trusteer Rapport prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks by verifying IP addresses used for Internet banking and original Internet websites’ SSL certificates by protocols.

    Protection Against Password and Identity Theft
    Protection Against Password and Identity Theft Prevents New Trojans From Entering the System and Cleanses Existing Ones! Once Installed, Trusteer Rapport cleanses all existing financial trojans from users’ computers, and prevents computers being exposed to viruses by stopping trojan installation attempts that try to take advantage of weaknesses in user computers.

    Protects Sign-In Passwords and Credit Card Information Against Theft
    Trusteer Rapport prevents password and credit card theft by detecting any phishing site that contacts a protected user upon the first moment of contact. Trusteer Rapport warns the user of a potential phishing attack to prevent data loss. Trusteer experts can verify a genuine malicious website in near real-time. Such websites are blacklisted by Trusteer Rapport so that they can’t attack other users.

    Notifies Fraud Teams of Potential Threats
    Trusteer intelligence sends alerts to financial institutions to warn them about malware and phishing activities detected by Trusteer Rapport. Then, such alerts guide fraud prevention and risk minimization processes including accreditation, transaction evaluation and collapsing the phishing sites.

    Client Propagation and Customized Customer Support in Trusteer Management
    Trusteer maintains Trusteer Rapport clients as they provide all customers with continuous protection against potential threats. Trusteer Rapport is recommended to users during login with a splash message offering the possibility of optional or required installation. Trusteer provides end users with 24/7 customized service to address any technical issues related to installation or usage.

    Protection Compatible with Trusteer Rapport
    Protects users by blocking browsers and operating systems
    Analyzes Crime Intelligence Database
    Automatically deletes malware
    Prevents abuse and malware viruses

  • Mobile

    Secure Mobile Banking and Offline Authentication with Trusteer Mobile

    Secure Banking through Secure Mobile Devices
    Trusteer Mobile scans mobile devices to determine any potential security risk. Trusteer Intelligence Hub detects new mobile threats and adapts the Trusteer Mobile protection system accordingly. The general risk status of a device and operating system is constantly monitored for vulnerabilities.

    Secure Internet Access through Secure Mobile Browsers
    Trusteer Mobile provides a secure mobile browser that verifies Internet banking IP addresses and original sites’ SSL certificates to prevent Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks. Users can use this secure browser to access the bank’s website. Banks can ensure that users access their online banking application only via this secure browser.

    Secure Offline Authentication for Internet Banking
    Trusteer Mobile is designed to protect mobile devices from trojans and keep secure access and transaction authorization services with two-factor authentication. Offline Authentication helps banks send real-time confirmation requests to users’ mobile devices for financial transactions. Users can confirm or decline pending banking transactions and review the transaction history on the customized application screens.

    Self-Service Account Lockout
    Users can disable access to their accounts, or in other words, freeze their Internet banking account when they do not use Internet banking for transactions. The fact that Internet banking accounts are inactive when not in use reduces the risk of compromise. A simple “Enable/Disable” button allows for activation/deactivation of accounts.

    Fight Fraud in Mobile Banking
    This solution protects mobile devices from trojans, while warning the user about trojans and other device risks when detected

    Provides user with step-by-step guidance for recovery
    Fortifies banks’ mobile device risk management and prevents mobile banking fraud
    Prevents pharming, phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks
    Secures online banking through the browser

    Secure Offline Authentication
    Offers an offline mobile authentication option during online banking transactions.
    Users can disable account access on their own mobile devices.

    High Accessibility and Flexibility
    Secure mobile application is a standard application that can easily be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. Mobile Security SDK: A software development kit to add Trusteer Mobile functionalities to independent mobile device applications. This kit helps you add Trusteer Mobile functionalities to your mobile banking application.

    Trusteer enables you to take immediate and effective action against new threats.

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