Network Virtualization

VMware NSX is a leading virtual network platform using a policy-driven approach for centralized management of all virtual systems on the network.

What is VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform?

VMware NSX is a leading virtual network platform based on policies for centralized management of all virtual systems on the network. Virtual networks, just like virtual servers, are created and managed as software, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware. NSX enables the creation and preparation of an entire network topology in seconds. With VMware NSX, any kind of network topology, be they the simplest or most complicated, multi-layered ones, can be created in minutes. VMware NSX can virtually create switch, router, firewall, Load Balancer, VPN and any other network device. It can also create completely isolated virtual networks on the same network.


With its micro-segmentation capability, it enables the creation of isolated layers in your network infrastructure.

Builds an object-based firewall infrastructure where you can manage your virtual servers.

Allows for distribution and management of the network workload, independent of the physical topology.

Network Virtualization layer is managed via the hypervisor.

Can be integrated with third party network and security solutions with its standard API.

Can be installed on existing physical infrastructure without any interruption and can undertake the workload.

What Are the Challenges of Data Center Network Design?

As the current network solutions used at the data center are inflexible, complicated and dependent on the hardware, they raise operational costs and restrict the scope for movement.

The current operational model used at the data center decelerates network actions, while workload distribution is restricted by the physical area. With such restrictions, data centers cannot optimize network architecture and capacity, even as they need to dynamically respond to the ever-expanding IT workload. This cumbersome topology impairs efficient management and scalability.

VMware NSX Revolutionizes the Data Center

VMWare NSX provides solutions for the above-mentioned data center problems with its new operation model for network management. Eliminating the bottlenecks associated with the traditional data center network topologies, VMware NSX technology helps data center operators expand their business in a much faster and affordable manner.

VMware NSX comes as a pack of active and passive network devices including virtual switches, routers, firewalls, load-balancers, VPN, QoS, monitoring and security equipment. All virtual network equipment can be created and managed in real-time via the cloud-based management platform that runs on NSX API. Virtual networks can be embedded on existing physical networks without any interruption.

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  • Use Cases For NSX

    NSX is the best and most affordable solution for data centers that host over 200 servers. Cloud service providers and large corporate cloud platforms directly benefit from NSX. Main use cases for NSX are as follows:

    Data Center Automation
    •    Accelerating the network provisioning (deployment of new devices and services)
    •    Providing customers with value-added virtual and physical services easily
    •    Changing DMZ topologies easily

    Self-Service Corporate IT
    •    Ability to quickly distribute applications with automatic network and service provisioning
    •    Completely isolated development, test and production environments on the same physical infrastructure

    Multiuser cloud architectures
    •    Automated customization and parsing for the network provisioning process for customers
    •    Optimizing hardware sharing among customers

  • Key Features

    Virtual Switch: Provides all L2 and L3 switching functionality, independent of hardware

    NSX Gateway: Provides L2 gateway for seamless connection with legacy VLANs Virtual Router: Enables dynamic routing among virtual networks with routing between logical switches

    Virtual Firewall: Delivers real-time analysis on the application layer with its distributed firewall structure

    Virtual Load Balancer: A load balancer with all SSL connection-enabled features

    Virtual VPN: VPN for site-to-site or remote access

    Sanal VPN: Site to Site ve uzaktan erişim için VPN.

    NSX API: Enables integration with any cloud management system over APIs

  • How Does It Work?

    In the same way as server virtualization, NSX network virtualization lets data center operators treat their physical network as a pool of transport capacity. This pool of transport capacity is used in line with data transport requests. As a software platform VMware NSX delivers logical network components in the same way as a virtual machine that delivers processor, memory and storage for application.

    Virtual machines are logically created, prepared and managed, using the physical network as a simple package transport mechanism. Network services are logically distributed to each virtual machine, abstracted from the underlying network hardware and topology, therefore workload can be dynamically added and replaced. Network and security services that are defined for the virtual machine can move along the data center without the need to modify topology. NSX is completely independent of network hardware. The virtual network works as a layer on any physical network hardware.

    NSX Gateway enables legacy VLAN and physical servers to match inside the virtual network. It reproduces the physical network model logically. NSX logically recreates the entire network structure for L2, L3, L4, L7 layers, and the services and applications for each virtual network. NSX provides a distributed logical architecture for L2-7 services such as logical switch, router, firewall, load- balancer and VPN. These virtual services are prepared when virtual machines are created in software and they travel with them. Existing applications continue to run with no interruption from this change, and do not treat the virtual network and physical network differently.

  • Automation

    NSX RESTful API is an API that automates distribution of products and services, allowing for centralized cloud management.

    Newly created virtual machines come with preset security policies defined. Customers can create advanced work flow schemes that contain security automation, load balance and firewall policies.

  • Flexibility

    The NSX platform can be inserted into other vendor’s services. Unified software and hardware joint products may include various services ranging from network gateway services and application distribution services to network security platforms and security service platforms.

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