Success story

Axa Sigorta

Axa Sigorta put the Mobile Device Management (MDM) project into practice in order to rope off all mobile devices and smart phones of all employees with access to the resources. The project involves all of the staff at head office, the regional directorates and the agencies, and established a secure and manageable infrastructure to cover all smart phones and mobile devices, with different brands, models and operating systems, used in the organization.

IHS Technology and Axa Sigorta Information Technologies System and Network Management Department joined forces to successfully complete the installation and integration of the Airwatch mobile device management platform. The MDM project allowed the organization to manage access authorizations from a single point for e-mails and e-mail accounts on mobile devices and corporate portal systems within the organization’s internal network, where high-level security policies apply.

Thus, AXA Sigorta’s mobile data protection compatibility processes have been put into effect. Now the organization can distribute documents that are critical for business continuity to all field devices from a single point, applying different security levels for groups and individuals online and offline via mobile devices.

We initialized the MDM Project

– in an attempt to enable secure access to corporate e-mails on mobile devices. When we began to research the solutions available in the market, we aimed to find a solution that meets our needs, and offers easy management as well as broad mobile platform support. Along with these criteria, we also wanted to work with a skilled solution partner that has a good command of integration and support processes. We carried out some pilot studies with a few prospective partners.

As a result of the pilot studies and tests, we decided to work with IHS Technology and Airwatch. With this project, we are now able to perform key actions such as registering and removing devices and managing security policies easily. We created specific interfaces for different departments, employees and roles based on the detailed delegation options provided by the administration interface, thus enabling workload distribution as per the needs and efficient management of the workforce. As our needs evolved and Airwatch brought in new features, the product has found new areas of usage. We now use Airwatch SCL (Secure Content Locker) technology to distribute critical documents.

Airwatch MAG (Mobil Access Gateway) enables access to Sharepoint and other portal applications only on devices that are registered in the system. By nature, Mobile Device Management is continuously updated as new devices and platforms are released, so that newly emerging needs can be met. Airwatch has been updated three times since the date we completed installation. We accomplished the upgrading processes easily thanks to IHS Technology’s support.

IHS Technology has been quick to provide solutions to any technical problems we faced throughout the project’s life cycle. At AXA Sigorta we are pleased to see that we made the right decision when choosing our solution partner.