FCASE is an end-to-end fraud operations management solution for Financial Institutions. FCASE provides a new way of managing fraud data that promotes integration of formerly siloed fraud data, teams, and systems. FCASE collects information from multiple fraud detection sources, and provides a cross-channel analytics. FCASE consolidates your fraud data, simplifies fraud operations management and significantly improves operational efficiency.


SnapBuy is an AI-based mobile and web service with which shoppers can take a photo of the product they like and find it online. Easily integrated to various mobile applications with its API support, SnapBuy helps boost online sales with improved customer experience thanks to its innovative approach.


Developed by fast-growing technology start-up Taptronics, Pubinno is the world’s first plug and go smart beer tap that provides an amazing tippling experience with a soft and creamy beer head. It also enhances keg efficiency 20% by incorporating IoT, robotics, data analytics and sensor technologies. It can be used for any kind of beer thanks to its ideal temperature and optimal foam amount. Providing real time operational and quality metrics, it opens as a new channel for bar owners and beer brands.


Paygilant is a Fraud Detection and Prevention layer designed for Mobile/Electronic Wallet and Mobile Payment channels, and works independently of the utilized transaction infrastructure, supporting NFC, QR, Online and all other protocols.

The Paygilant fraud detection engine monitors actual transactions in real time on the user’s mobile device, detecting and preventing suspicious financial transactions before they reach the bank. Paygilant requires no installation, and runs transparently for the user.