Featurespace Transaction Monitoring

Featurespace’s ARIC Fraud Hub monitors all client data on multiple channels simultaneously. It allows you to identify abnormalities and prevent new fraud attempts using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. Featurespace also recognizes your customer and does not reject their transactions.

  • Advantages of ARIC Fraud Hub

    Detection and prevention of fraudulent transactions
    Detect abnormalities as soon as fraud occurs, and simultaneously identify new types of fraud without any manual intervention.

    Increase revenue and reduce customer discrepancies
    Review customers’ legitimate behaviors individually, and reduce the number of genuine transactions rejected as false by 70%.

    Increase operational efficiency
    Cut the labor costs of banks, PSPs and resellers by 50% by reducing the need for manual intervention.

  • Features of ARIC Fraud Hub

    Easy-to-use control panel:
    Follow fraud and customer acceptance alerts individually for each customer through the user interface.

    End-to-end smart incident management:
    Manage fraud workflow and share incident priorities with the fraud prevention team.

    Hassle-free integration:
    Easily incorporate the ARIC Fraud Hub to a secure cloud or its own site. Adaptive Behavioral Analytics can use pre-existing data and distribute it with a few code lines.

    Individual risk points:
    Monitor risk points on your control panel and get alerts in the event of abnormalities.

    Open Model Manager:
    For a deeper analysis of customer data, transfer your PMML data science patterns to the ARIC Fraud Hub and manage there.

    Set job rules:
    Set simple and complex rules to be used with Adaptive Behavioral Analytics.

    PCI-DSS compatibility:
    Customer card data protected by PCI-DSS certificate.

Account Takeover

Data theft is skyrocketing. Attacks via Internet and phone as well as social engineering attacks have always been a concern for financial institutions working to protect their customers.

Real time analysis of all customer behavior through Adaptive Behavioral Analytics allows organizations to recognize when a criminal is pretending to be a customer, and catch even the slightest abnormalities quickly. ARIC Fraud Hub detects and prevents Account Takeover fraud, and perceives abnormal customer behavior aimed at stealing customer data.

By protecting real customers, you can minimize losses resulting from fraud and expand revenue thanks to sustained transactions with real customers. Customer card data is protected by PCI-DSS certificate.

ARIC™ Accept

Featurespace’s ARIC Accept product monitors all customers’ payment data simultaneously, and helps you optimize individual payment confirmations with Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. All of these mean higher payment confirmation rates, greater revenue and improved customer experience.

    • Optimize individual payment confirmation
    • Choose payment confirmation method automatically for each transaction in multiple purchases
    • Increase revenue
    • Accept bigger payments so as to expand revenue stream
    • Create longer-term customer loyalty
    • Cement customer loyalty by reducing the number of rejected transactions.

Product Features

  • Simultaneous acceptance
    Optimize payment method for each transaction simultaneously.
  • Reduce customer discrepancies
    Reject risky transactions and accept more genuine transactions, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Eliminate manual intervention through self-learning technologies, which automatically update payment service providers, schemes, vendors and vendor policies.

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